Is Online Gambling Legal in Montana?

Overall, Big Sky Country contains more than enough gambling options for its tiny population over the age of eighteen. However, one thing that you probably won’t be able to enjoy is internet gambling. Montana is actually one of very few states that specifically forbids internet gambling at all. Is there some way around this law for Montanaans? Fortunately, there is.


There are currently two legal gambling establishments in Montana, both of which allow internet gambling: the Montana Lottery Corporation and the Montana Gaming Commission. Both of these companies do allow individuals to play lottery gambling at their establishments. Although individuals can technically gamble online at any of their stores in the state, it is against the law to do so from the inside of these establishments. This is why you usually need a photo ID when placing a bet at any of these businesses. However, these laws don’t apply to all of Montana’s casinos; see below for a full list of all of Montana’s casinos.

If you’re looking for a more unique way to gamble, consider checking out the seven Montana gaming establishments that are located along the famous Big Sky Mountains. The main casino in Montrose is the Ramada Inn, which features five hundred and fifty gambling tables. The other main Montana gaming establishment is the Montana Lotto Center. Here, individuals can select from over one hundred different lotto games, including not only the popular “lottery” game, but also the popular “skill-testing” games like the Millionaire Maker. The main hall of the Montana Lotto Center is also where players can learn how to play the different games by paying just a small entrance fee. There are also several snack bars and restaurants within walking distance, which means that visitors don’t have to worry about transportation to and from the Montana gaming establishments.

If you aren’t interested in traveling to Montana just to gamble, you might want to check out the city of Missoula. Located on the eastern shore of the Great Lakes, Missoula has a rich history as a trading post. The city of Missoula became the site of the first US capitol, and it still holds that position today. Two of Montana’s largest gaming establishments are the Billinge Casino and the Ramada Resort and Casino. The Billinge Casino features both live and wired gaming, while the Ramada Resort and Casino offer both wired and video gaming.

Due to the relatively low cost of gambling in Montana, many local residents look to Billinge Casino for their gambling needs. The Billinge Casino is home to the world’s second largest video lottery terminal. Although local laws prohibit gambling on the strip, the Billinge Casino is able to run video lottery games two nights each weekend. Video lottery games offer players the opportunity to win cash and prizes, as well as large prizes, free spins on popular machines, and special prizes like trips on private planes.

Unfortunately, Billinge Casino is not the only place in Montana where gambling is illegal. Bozeman is also home to two of the nation’s most popular gambling establishments: the Ginsling Brothers Hotel and Casino and the Silverthorn Casino. Like Billinge Casino, both of Montana’s gambling establishments are located on the strip, and both have Video Lottery Department locations. However, unlike Billinge Casino, the owners of these two establishments have made efforts to be compliant with the Montana Gaming Laws. Specifically, both of these gambling establishments are required to post signs advising customers of all of the applicable laws and regulations regarding gaming in Montana.

While most of Montana’s residents are familiar with the local gaming establishments, few are aware that the state of Montana has actually created an entirely new set of legal gambling laws. Specifically, the Montana Supreme Court has ordered the state’s three gambling commissions to cease and desist any enforcement of laws related to gambling, including sales of gambling equipment. The purpose behind this decision was to give individuals and other institutions the opportunity to legally gamble without government intervention. While it is still illegal to operate gambling facilities within the borders of Montana, those who operate online gaming facilities are now able to operate their business without the involvement of the state.

As an individual gamer, you can benefit from the lack of government oversight surrounding Montana’s online gambling industry. Because the state has legalized online gambling, you will be given the opportunity to enjoy all of the same benefits and advantages that exist within the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. As a result, Montana citizens have more opportunities to enjoy the benefits and appeal of gambling while not being infringing the rights of the state. As long as you meet all of the requirements set forth by the Montana state, you should be able to access online gambling sites with relative ease.